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Enchanted - a collection of fairytale novellas

Cover: Enchanted
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Everyone wanted to explain the love between Pearl and Thomas. Some said the elves had sprinkled love-dust on them. Others said – the king’s brilliant daughter and the Champion of Minotha, where’s the magic in that? Still others said they slotted together so well that they must have known each other since the sun and moon first fell in love. It’s usual that a young couple thinks no-one’s ever loved like them – it’s rare that the rest of the world secretly agrees.

The elves, they say, know the secrets of events - but the queen has no time for superstitions. Ignoring the warnings, she deserts her childhood love, Sir Thomas, for a darkly charismatic foreign duke. As her kingdom crumbles, she longs for her lost love, but can she risk her country on a whim?

Enchanted contains 3 fantasy novellas:

  • Bear Skin by Janine Ashbless
  • The Three Riddles by Olivia Knight
  • The People in the Garden by Leonie Martell

Read an excerpt from The Three Riddles


Magic and Desire - a collection of fantasy novellas

Cover: Magic and Desire
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Karitta go karew karew
In the land of Kâo, the words were true.
The Lords and ladies flew by night
In the land of Kâo, the moon was bright.

From the misty marshlands of Navarone to the halls of mythical Kâo, Drake's passion for the newly-wed Princess Nina threatens to end his quest, his honour, and his life. Meanwhile, Nina must wrestle with her dangerous secret, which marriage should have ended and which Drake has reignited.

Magic and Desire contains 3 fantasy novellas:

  • The House of Dust by Janine Ashbless
  • Ill Met by Moonlight by Portia da Costa
  • The Dragon Lord by Olivia Knight

Read an excerpt from The Dragon Lord


The Ten Visions - an erotic novel

Cover: The Ten Visions
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'Jo - I don't know what you think, but I don't believe in ghosts.'
'Sarah, my darling.' He took her hand in his again and held it to his cheek. His skin was cool and smooth on the back of his hand, his cheek bone sharply sloped. 'Tonight you made love with one.'

The moment she starts her doctorate in Oxford, Sarah is beset with mysteries. An old portrait in her rented house bears an uncanny resemblance to her. A new lover insists he's a ghost. Her attractive, sinister supervisor obstructs her research at every turn. An ordinary hill on the meadow fills her with fear - and not just her, but also the man with whom she falls in love. And every time she has sex, she hallucinates strange places and other times.

With her own life and soul at risk, Sarah uses sex-magic and a sequence of visions to travel between different times, worlds and places. On an epic journey, she battles an ancient evil to solve a mystery dating back centuries - a mystery that holds the truth of her origins and purpose.

Read an excerpt from The Ten Visions


Love on the Dark Side - a short story collection

Cover: Sex With Strangers
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Once upon a time, there was a hero of most unusual qualities... The Black Knight is beautiful as the night, swift as a deer, triumphant in battle, and wholly faithful to his one true love... until the enemy queen decides his sword should be all for her. From the "Once upon a time..." to the "...happily ever after", this is what fairy tales were about before Hans Christian Anderson and Disney got hold of them, with blood, sweat and semen flying.

With a cast of witches, mermaids, ghosts, dreams, immortals, magicians and vampires, Love on the Dark Side pries into paranormal fantasy. This collection includes my fairytale, The Black Knight.

Read an excerpt from The Black Knight


Sex with Strangers - a short story collection

Cover: Sex With Strangers
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Her back is to him, but every aspect of her posture is angled for him – the tilt of her chin as she stares out, the brush of her hair against her bare back, the slow swing of her foot, the restless mashing of ice-cubes. His eyes burn her skin and lift her breasts. She knows she is a dream, right now, and wants to play out the dream to be it better. He is the permission she needs to be beautiful.

An unfamiliar body, seedy undertones, sudden flashes of honesty, the frisson of the new - they don't know you and you don't know them, so anything's possible. And you ache to find out. This collection includes my story, Barely Grasped Pictures.

Read an excerpt from Barely Grasped Pictures


Sex in Public - a short story collection

Cover: Sex In Public
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She floated on the humming voices, feeling the ring of lust around her growing. She could smell the delicious glow on their skin and it melted the core of her. She was rocking her hips rhythmically, in time to their song. It seemed she was both feeling their gaze and at the same time she was the hungry eyes seeing her pleasure, wanting to be the one giving it, the one to fulfil it.

Is it narcissism or exhibitionism? The thrill of getting caught or a permissive space where anything goes? Do you want to be the watcher or the watched - or just know that someone might see?

Twelve stories about sex in public explore all the possibilities. This collection includes my story, Innana's Temple.

Read an excerpt from Innana's Temple