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Heading: Magic and Desire

Cover: Magic and Desire - a collection of 3 novellasAbout the book

Magic and Desire is a collection of 3 fantasy novellas: The House of Dust by Janine Ashbless, Ill Met by Moonlight by Portia da Costa, and my own story, The Dragon Lord.

About the novella, The Dragon Lord

From the misty marshlands of Navarone to the halls of mythical Kâo, Drake's passion for the newly-wed Princess Nina threatens to end his quest, his honour, and his life. Meanwhile, Nina must wrestle with her dangerous secret, which marriage should have ended and which Drake has reignited.

Now read the prologue...

‘I’m dying, Lord Drake.’
He nodded, expressionless. It was clear. Her bright sheen had dulled. She was discolouring and flakes fell as she shifted in the golden bed, suddenly harder to see as his eyes swam. Through the archways, the wind came keen and chill, but his front was warm. Heat radiated from her, even now. His trousers tightened around his groin as he swelled. Greying, withered, and decaying on her deathbed, the queen still blazed. She inflamed them all. He closed his eyes, waiting for the tears and the surge of lust to pass.
‘Is there a new egg?’ he asked, his voice strained.
‘Yes.’ She watched him wrestling with himself and added, ‘It won’t be for some time yet, but the riders must begin the search.’
He opened his eyes again and inclined in a deep bow.
‘Thank you.’ He was dismissed.
He went from her bedside to Lady Tanya. She’d been out riding, her hair was tousled, and her leather breeches were still hot beneath his palms from the animal’s flanks. They unpeeled each other’s clothes and her hard limbs pulled him in. When he lay sunk inside her, he pressed his forehead against her neck and said thickly, ‘The queen is dying.’
Her quake of shock gripped his cock hard and almost involuntarily, he thrust.
‘We must ride then,’ she said through her moans.
‘Yes.’ He drove harder into her, then both were silent and intent until strangled screams slid from their throats like the smell of burnt silk.

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* * * * ... an amazing and unique tale of honesty and love. Ms. Knight takes her characters through startling evolutions that will hold you spellbound.
Coffee Time Romance


fantastic ... a magical story that held my attention throughout ... I hope to read more by Ms. Knight in the future.
— Dark Angel Reviews


* * * * ... after reading this spellbinding magical tale, I shall definitely read more stories by this talented storyteller! ... The Dragon Lord is a gripping fantasy rich in passion and emotion


A+++ ... intense and riveting ... I was so lost in this story that I felt like I had been on this extraordinary journey for days ... all consuming and heart-rending.
— Madame Butterfly